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beginers problem with VBA - MS ACCESS 2002 - mapwingis.ocx

Mar 24, 2013 at 6:23 PM

I'm a mapwingis newbie with very limited experience with vba. I'm trying to build a very simple MS ACCESS 2002 application just to record x,y locations in a table by interactively selecting them in a mapwingis control map inserted on a form. The rest of the Access database deals with non-geographic data.

I've downloded and installed the desktop application and the ActiveX, and now I'm able to draw a map control on a form, but when I try to add a layer using the AddLayer method, VBA tells me that the object doesn't support the method or property (error 438). The VBA references look right and the object is listed in the VBA editor "object browser", and the AddLayer method and the rest of expected methods and properties are listed, but in the module editor, when I try to select a method from the autolist (the props/method list appearing as you write the object_name+point ) only very generic control options are listed (move, Height, IsVisible,etc.) and no specific map control methods or props. are available. Writing the code myself doesn't work either.

I've downloaded the "MapWindowInAccess2000.mdb" demo and it triggers the exact same error. I've already checked that the Shape I'm trying to load (just 50 points (in utm)) is ok.

Would any charitable developer help this needy newbie?