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Need help from experience C++ developers

Oct 23, 2013 at 11:16 AM
Hi all,

Currently we (maintainers of MapWinGIS) are trying to recompile GDAL with some updated 3rd party libraries (ECW, JPEG2000, MrSid, NetCDF, etc.) but we are experiencing huge issues when recompiling MapWinGIS with these new libraries.
It would be great if some of you could assist us with that.
The trouble we have is that MrSid, JPEG2000, NTF and NetCDF files cannot be opened by mapWinGIS, but can be opened by GDAL. ECW files can be opened by both.

Most likely the cause of the problems is how we build GDAL and how we build MapWinGIS.
I've made some documents how we build GDAL and the other supporting libraries:

What we want did is download the trunk version of GDAL and Proj4 to C:\dev\SupportingLibraries, also download the latest stable source code of GEOS. Also download the latest SDKs for ERDAS (ECW, JPEG2000) and Lizardtech (MrSid).
Now we compile GDAL using the files and settings in the build folder.

To let other people compile MapWinGIS without the need to download all the supporting libraries we've created a SupportingLibraries folder ( which will hold all necessary lib, dll and include files.

If you want to help and need more info you can contact me at bontepaarden[AT]gmail[D0T]com