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Here are some efforts on visualizing MapWinGIS classes. Initially the idea of doing this came from my own needs

while developing the control. But after making some drafts, I decided that those can be useful for the others as well. 

1. I tried to group the properties and methods into some logical entities showing dependencies among them

(actually all methods and properties are class members and could  be linked with the class directly). 

2. In some cases I show underlying data structures, which aren't actually visible for the developer on the client side.

For example, Shapes and ShapeData blocks for Shapefile class (actually std::vector<ShapeData*> is used to store those).

In such a way the schemes are far more informative I suppose.

3. The direction of lines is set rather intuitively. For example the arrow goes:

a)  from the class for read-only properties, as we get a value from class; (don't consider DrawingMode on the first scheme, I'll fix it ;) 

b) for read-write properties - to the class (emphasizing the set part);

c) for methods in both ways, depending on the actual behavior, for example

- Shapefile.Open affects the class so it goes to it;

- Shapefile.Dissolve creates new data based on the class, so it goes from the class.

Write your comments and questions to elaborate the idea.

Sergei Leschinski


1. ShapeDrawingOptions class.


2. LinePattern class (presently it's under reworking).


3. Shapefile class (some properties aren't included yet).

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