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Google Maps tiles:

Version number for Google Maps providers isn't updated automatically, which after some time (usually several months) lead to missing tiles. TileProviders.Version property can be used to do it in the client code.

Google does not allow access to their maps outside their own APIs (terms of service for maps API, ticket requesting direct access to tiles). Therefore for the time being you MUST NOT use Google Maps tile providers in your commercial applications. Probably the policy may change in the future, since many other data providers allow free limited access to their data via REST services, but currently that is not the case with Google.

Regarding certain personal uses we assume that de facto Google tolerates it, taking into account that:
1) there are publicly available instructions on how to access the services, which exist for a long time without being confronted;
2) no measures were taken to actually prevent REST clients to access these services or to give them another way to access them apart from via a browser;
3) in most cases such uses won't pose any significant load on the server infrastructure, since they are well within limits for the free use of JavaScript API;

Therefore we believe it's acceptable to leave these providers in our code repository, with the main purpose to allow people to check if their own datasets are correctly georeferenced (i.e. only in private applications which are centered around their own data). For people without access to commercial software it may be a difficult to check otherwise. Certainly Google isn't responsible in any way for serving (or not serving this data), so this use is completely upon your risk.

To make our policy clear we added "For private use only" message at the bottom right corner of MapWinGIS control when Google maps provider is used with link to this page. Also these providers won't be available in their present form in our own applications based on MapWinGIS control (i.e. MapWindow GIS). For the record we are ready to introduce any other limitations on request from Google.

Certainly if we are confronted on the matter we'll have to remove these providers from API. Also Google itself may choose to terminate those APIs whenever it considers necessary. Therefore once again:


There are some examples of Google maps use via interaction with instance of WebBrowser control with Google maps page: Although it appears to be rather clumsy, it may actually comply with Google Maps Terms of Service. We shall examine such possibility in future releases.

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