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Finishing a ShapeEditor 'add polygon' operation

Feb 26, 2016 at 10:20 PM
Still new to MapWinGIS, but finding it potentially quite powerful!

I have the interactive ShapeEditor implemented for Add and Edit shapes. However, both my customer and myself find the "CTRL + Left Mouse Button" operation to finish a new polygon, to be un-intuitive. Actually that was my biggest problem implementing the ShapeEditor: Okay, I've got a nice polygon half-drawn: I can cancel it, but how do I actually finish it!? :-)

So we'd like to implement the more intuitive "click on the first vertex" to finish the polygon. How can I do this? Presumably I need to trap the left mouse click. Then I need to compare the click coord with the first vertex of the under-construction polygon (how do I find that?), then I need to tell the ShapeEditor to finish the shape (I don't see a 'Finish' method?)