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Serious memory issue with background image layers

Mar 18, 2016 at 5:22 PM

Please forgive posting here as well as but I'm not sure if people will see it over there and it seems a pretty serious issue likely to happen to other people - I'm not sure how it hasn't been come up before. We would really appreciate someone looking into it as it is a critical blocker with - we can't use 4.9 with this issue and will have to roll back lots of changes....

I've found that loading a background image layer causes major memory issues.

Every time you pan or zoom, the memory taken by the program increases, until eventually the program crashes. Removing the layer doesn't seem to free up the memory either.

I've been able to check that it isn't my code - I downloaded the latest MapWindow 5 and can see that the problem is in there too.

After a bit more investigation it seems that the problem exists for .png, .jpg and .tif/.tiff, but seemingly not for .bmp files? .bmp files seem ok.


Rob H