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MapWinGIS - Version v4.9.4.0 32Bit

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Released: Feb 7, 2016
Updated: May 25, 2016 by pmeems
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MapWinGIS - Version v4.9.4.0 32Bit

Different download location

I can't upload it to CodePlex anymore so I shared it on my OneDrive:
Update: The OneDrive share (also Microsoft) is not working anymore.
So I now created a shared folder on Google Drive:

Hopefully everybody can download it.
If not tell it in the Discussions pages.

Release notes:

  • Using INNOSetup v5.5.8 for better handling of Win10 DOC-11.
  • Several non-VisualStudio users reported they need the interop dlls, they are now included in the installer DOC-8 and the IntelliSense files are now also included DOC-12
  • Updated the API documentation at DOC-5

GDAL: v2.1.0, released Feb. 07, 2016
Synfusion Essential Studio

* MWGIS-23 - Quikly edit shape with many vertices
* MWGIS-24 - Selecting the next vertex after removing the current one in the shape editor
* MWGIS-25 - lpad, rpad function are added to the expression parser
* MWGIS-26 - Insufficient field width for double fields on PostGIS import
* MWGIS-27 - Render charts with GDI+
* MWGIS-42 - Sharing OGR dataset between layers
* MWGIS-43 - Faster implementation of OgrLayer.get_AvailableShapeTypes for MSSQL
* MWGIS-44 - Allow to reuse instance of datasource without opening new connection

* MWGIS-4 - Fix leaking in expression parser operations
* MWGIS-41 - Dragging MSSQL layer to map crashes MW5

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a very good program
by Darhan on Mar 26 at 7:01 AM