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Building MapWinGIS from source

MapWinGIS is now much easier to build from source. Basically you need:
  • VS2010 or higher with C++ installed;
  • to checkout trunk version of the code from the repository with TortoriseSvn or other SVN client;
  • download precompiled GDAL SDK (about 40MB).
It's quite realistic to start debugging your own app after spending only half an hour on preparations. There are no hard-coded paths or huge dependencies like it was before. Some project settings were optimized so complete rebuild now takes around 30 seconds compared to 2 minutes just a year ago. Built-in wizards for adding API members to COM interfaces are working once again.

Detailed instructions:

1. First download the bins and libs from GisInternals. At this moment it is not yet formally released so we now use the -development files. Browse to (this is a link not a file): 2. Download the following archives: 3. Unzip these files in:
  • \MapWinGIS\trunk\SupportingLibraries\GDAL_SDK\{VS-version}\bin\{platform}\
  • \MapWinGIS\trunk\SupportingLibraries\GDAL_SDK\{VS-version}\lib\{platform}\
  • \MapWinGIS\trunk\SupportingLibraries\GDAL_SDK\{VS-version}\include
4. Now you can compile the ocx, using VS2010 or higher.

5. To start debugging your app, set its path in Project -> Properties -> Debugging -> Command.


To build x64 version of MapWinGIS it's additionally needed to build SpatialIndex library project:
\trunk\SupportingLibraries\spatialindex\spatialindex-mw2010.sln. It will automatically copy output to the correct folder. The lib weighs around 40 MB so we decided not to keep it in repository. Don't forget you also need the 32-Bit version if you want to use the ocx in Visual Studio in your forms.
Visual Studio (even VS2013) doesn't support 64-Bit ActiveX controls.

You can automatically register MapWinGIS (regsvr32) by running \MapWinGIS\trunk\bin\Win32\regMapWinGIS.cmd.

The latest version of these instructions can be found at in the repository.

If you have any questions regarding MapWinGIS you can post them at forum.

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