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Memo on the new functionality

Some notes about new functionality , before the documentation is ready.  All the things below are relevant to the release of 15th of January and future ones.


Currently MapWinGis is having functionality to handle shapefile selection:






And to manage dynamic visibility of layers:

bool Map.LayerDynamicVisiblity(Handle)




To generate labels and charts use:

Shapefile.GenerateLabels(FieldIndex, PositioningMethod)



To manage the visibility of shapes you can use definition query, for example:

Shapefile.VisibilityExpression = “[Area] > 1000”               // there must be [Area] field in attribute table

                                                                                              // and the shapes with values more than 1000

Same property is available for labels and charts.


SQL expressions can be used to define visualization categories:

category = Shapefile.Categories.Add(Name)

category.Expression = “[Area] > 1000”



Important. To fully access the new classes check that MapWinGis you are using is compiled with appropriate options.

Just check: Map.VersionNumber

0 – old version; new drawing procedures will be unavailable.

1 – new version; all the new code at your disposal

 Some code examples:,18271       // labels for images C#,16400       // small label samples VB6,19029         // ColorScheme class,18995         // SQL expressions for categories

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