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Welcome to the MapWinGIS ActiveX Control Project

What is MapWinGIS?

MapWinGIS.ocx is used to provide GIS and mapping functionality to any Windows Forms based application.

MapWinGIS.ocx is a FREE and OPEN SOURCE C++ based geographic information system programming ActiveX Control and application programmer interface (API) that can be added to a Windows Form in Visual Basic, C#, Delphi, or other languages that support ActiveX, providing your app with a map.


Who is Working on MapWinGIS?

The MapWinGIS Activex Control is a central product of the MapWindow GIS Open Source Project. The control is built entirely in C++ and is a robust and powerful GIS component that serves as the primary element of the MapWindow GIS Application and provides GIS functionality to many other software applications.


Can I Use MapWinGIS?

MapWinGIS.ocx is FREE and OPEN SOURCE under the MPL 1.1 license. This means that you can use it freely in your commercial and non-commercial applications.

Do You Need Any Help?

MapWinGIS is very robust and well established - with several thousand downloads from the web site over the past several years. MapWinGIS still has potential for many new and interesting upgrades and improvements. So we are actively seeking developers who want to work on this project with us.

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